• Pre-job assessments
  • Site inspections
  • Planning
  • Cost estimates
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Execution methods
  • Post-job as-built, drawings, and QC reports

Horizontal directional drilling

  • Clay, sand and soil conditions
  • Rock drilling with steerable Air Hammers and Mud Motors
  • Walk over conventional locating
  • Wire line guidance, tracking and pressure monitoring
  • Hole opening abilities of up to 48” diameter
  • Drill lengths up to 1500+ meters
  • Mud recycling equipment
  • Exit side power tongs

Casing hammers

  • Roads, creeks and Pipeline crossings
  • Surface casing/Conductor barrels
  • Pipe extraction (casing pipe/line pipe/drill pipe)
  • Casing cleaning (augers and rotary pneumatic air hammers)

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