As a trenchless installation provider, K-Tec Industries Inc has completed a very wide range of crossings over the years. Although horizontal directional drilling has become the most commonly used method of trenchless installation these days, we were around when equipment and technology wasn’t so advanced. The days of hydraulic ram push machines and simple basic electronic tracking devices may be over, but lots of those old techniques were the kind of stepping stones which helped us and the trenchless industry get to where we are today. K-Tec has served the oil/gas and utility sectors with exceptional service for over 20 years, and are continuing to stay at the front of the pack with the newest technology and equipment available on the market.

We operate rig sizes ranging from 30,000 lbs. up to 250,000 lbs. to ensure that when our clients contact us, we can supply them the necessary means to efficiently complete the job. We have installed pipe sizes from 1” up to 36”, as well as installed multiple size pipe diameters into a common hole. With our larger size rigs, we have completed installations of 1000+ meters and are capable of drilling upwards of 1500 meters.

Our personnel are experienced in a multitude of product installations that include:
  • Pipeline
  • Tele-communications
  • Geo-thermal
  • Erosion control
  • Environmental remediation
  • Water line, sewer gas, and electrical lines

We are equipped to complete such installations in all types of ground conditions with either conventional and/or rock tooling.

All of our drilling equipment is compatible with a selection rock tooling that includes steerable air hammers, PDM mud motors and TCI rock reamers. We also support our drilling equipment with casing hammers and augers to install surface casing to overcome adverse ground conditions.

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